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Promotional Neckties and all custom accessories are one of the strong points of Fabio Toma production. We make neckties, scarves and foulards that can be customized with your company logo or event logo.

Among our custom-made products over time we can undoubtedly mention the promotional official neckties used for the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy by politicians and prominent men of the nation. Who has not seen around or on TV at least once a necktie with the Italian flag worn by a representative of the political, social or cultural Italian panorama? Promotional neckties are a reason of pride for us along with the foulards produced for the Italian Senate which are donated as a gift to many important international personalities who come and visit the Italian Parliament.

Among others we have been serving our personalized accessories to many Italian institutions such as ACI, Lottomatica, Rotary Club and many others.

As always our custom-made accessories are produced with the best materials exclusively from Italy. These products stand out for their 100% Made in Italy quality whose authenticity is certified by the Chamber of Commerce of Rome.

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