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Fabio Toma – Fashion and Style 100% Made in Italy

We are an Italian leading manufacturer of very high-quality Neckties, Belts and Scarves with an unmistakable 100% Made in Italy style certified by the Chamber of Commerce.
The first collection of Tailoring Neckties by Fabio Toma was presented in Rome in 1988 and launched the company to a steady growth that led us to conquer the trust and attention of our always demanding customers.
Today our fashion products and Made in Italy Neckties can be found in every corner of the world: Rome, Tokyo, Moscow, Vienna, Los Angeles, Athens, Shanghai, Tel Aviv and Montreal. A global growth that comes from quality control, hand-crafted finishes and from the experience that we apply every day to constantly improve the quality of our products.




pag-chi-siamo-foto3disegnoVery refined style

Fabio Toma Company stands out for its attention to a very refined style and sartorial traditional way to handcrafts all our accessories. Also as our company is even young and fast we develop new trends by understanding the constant evolution of fabrics and designs. Our constant research and studying always include the best matching of colours and details.

Certified Company

We have decided to certify our quality and craftsmanship directly to the Chamber of Commerce of Rome in order to make real and documented the value of the Italian tradition: our ties and all fashion accessories for men are handmade and have a 100% Made in Italy certification.
Our daily diligence and careful work is in every single product and detail. This allow us to offer very exclusive Neckties Made in Italy to an increasingly international audience of customers. We always select the best materials and the highest quality components from Italian certified suppliers: the silk with which we produce our ties and other items of our collections comes from Como; cashmere and wool come from Biella; hides are chosen with care in the best Italian tanneries.